Terraform `cidrsubnet` Deconstructed

When managing cloud Infrastructure as Code, network resources are an important element of your Terraform modules. Within your virtual network, you will need to carve out subnets depending on the access you want to permit to resources. Terraform provides a builtin function for easily defining subnets based on the virtual network CIDR block. Unfortunately the cidrsubnet() documentation is a little light, and the function can be a little intimidating to use. I’m going to break it down and give examples of how it can be used to make your subnet IP management easier.

Converting the Blog to raw Jekyll

While I appreciated the ease of Octopress when getting started, I did fall out of the habit of writing. In the meantime Jekyll grew, from 0.xx to 3.xxx, in just a few years. And now the number one thing … supporting themes is not only native to Jekyll, but addressed via gems, keeping the blog itself pretty clean, and leaving layout and the other messy bits to the gem.

Real-time log navigation with less

Whether it’s active development, deployment process or production run time, we developers always need to know what’s happening. And that information is available to us via the log files. We work in real time, and our logs reflect that, there is a lot of information in there; and many times we need to watch those logs in real time to analyze what is happening.